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Topic: XDF readers
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PostPosted: Nov 21, 2022 9:51 AM    Post subject: XDF readers

The first problem:
There is a bug I think regarding to xdf readers.
Imagine the last time I used the xdf reader element I uploaded a file in it. After I closed the design the file somehow is deleted. Next time I run the design, I make sure that the xdf reader is stopped initially and there are some valves in the way of its outputs and the valves are also closed. so I expect that when I upload a new file which is available now, the xdf reader works well. I mean I expect it to run without any problem despite the fact that in the pervious run of the design a file was uploaded is not available now. I never start the xdf reader element before I make sure that the a right file is uploaded in it. the XDf reader never works properly when this happens.

The second problem:
Now consider a situation where I have a oscilloscope element in which I show my offline or online signals. If i press the offline button the xdf reader will be started and if I press the online button, the live data stream will be shown in my oscilloscope. so the out put of both sources (xdf reader and live data stream) are connected to the """same""" oscilloscope element but their starts or stops are just the opposite. IF somehow an error happens in my xdf reader, my live data stream will be shown wrongly. even though I never hit the offline button. please note that the outputs of xdf reader are connected to valves and the valves remain closed as long as live data stream is flowing.

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PostPosted: Nov 21, 2022 4:11 PM    Post subject:

When you think there is a bug, or something is not working as expected please create a snippet (smallest possible example design).

I can't work on anything without a snippet. So either I have to create it (which takes longer time and often leads to nothing if I don't fully understand your description) or you create it and make sure it clearly shows the problem.
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