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Topic: BioEraSDK ? accepted/safe values for the timer?s interval
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PostPosted: Dec 2, 2021 5:11 PM    Post subject: BioEraSDK ? accepted/safe values for the timer?s interval

Hi there,

According to the sample project for the BioEraSDK in .NET/C#, the element named as ?timer1? has an interval of 100 milliseconds (which means that, for every elapsed 100 ms, the textBoxes inside the Form are updated with the collected data provided by the buffer from the xmlNetServer object).

I was wondering: would it be possible to lower this 100 ms interval (in order to increase the frequency of the collected data from a BioEra?s design) without experiencing any kind of problem regarding the proper overall execution of the .NET/C# application? If so, what would be the lowest recommended value for the timer1?s interval?

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PostPosted: Dec 2, 2021 6:25 PM    Post subject:

Yes, I would recommend 10ms as the lowest value.
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