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Topic: Copy / Paste elements from one design to another
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PostPosted: Feb 5, 2020 11:51 PM    Post subject: Copy / Paste elements from one design to another

Is there a way to copy/paste from one design to another? I wanted to do this in the past and now I want to do it again and I don't recall if there was a solution.

I tried Element > Copy / Paste

I tried importing a Nested Element into a design and then trying to expand it into its parent design. I thought I recalled that was possible but I don't see how to do that. Even if this is not the solution to my copy/paste question, I'd like to know how to expand a nested element into its parent.

I tried opening the nested design and looking for a "copy elements into parent" option, dragging the elements into the parent window, a copy/pasting option for moving them from child to parent window...

I tried editing a .bpd in a text editor to see if it was a simple text markup (nope).

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PostPosted: Feb 6, 2020 9:53 AM    Post subject:

The only way to do this is using 'Import' option on System menu. It is not perfect, but should be good enough for most cases.

When you only need to import a smaller part of a design, you can import it all (using this option), then move all highlighted (automatically) elements and connections to an empty part of the designer and then manually delete elements which are not needed. Or export a part of you design into a temporary design (using Export option) and then Import it fully.
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