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Topic: Cause the same effect as pressing Apply in Properties Panel
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PostPosted: Oct 2, 2019 11:38 PM    Post subject: Cause the same effect as pressing Apply in Properties Panel

I have a Nested Design Element and I want to cause the same effect as opening its Properties panel and clicking Apply.

This behavior is the only thing I can do to cause a property in the Properties panel to be applied to the Nested Design. Restarting BioEra doesn't do it.

I tried adding a button linked to a SystemInteractor with Reinit All. That didn't do it.

The property in the Properties panel is adjusted via a Set Property Element. I can confirm that the change has been applied to the Properties panel of the Nested Design by opening the Properties panel and observing the changed property. If I close the Properties panel without clicking Apply the value is not applied.

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PostPosted: Oct 3, 2019 3:29 PM    Post subject:

I would need a snippet demonstrating this.

I created my own simple set of nested designs and property setter, but it works fine (load: nes_main.bpd):

Maybe you could modify it so that it is not possible to set the amplitude on the top oscilloscope using the bottom Toggle button.
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